The Faculty of Biology and Chemistry

The Department of Biochemistry

Department of botany and physiology of plants and biotechnologies

The Department of Valeology and Safety of Human Vital Activity

The Department of Zoology and Ecology

The Department of Forestry and Horticulture

The Department of Human and Animal Physiology and Biophysics

The Department of General and Physical Chemistry

The Department of Organic and Biological Chemistry


The Dean of the Faculty

KURYANOV Vladimir Olegovich, Chairman of the Academic Council, Dean,

Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Associate Professor

Phone: (050) 397 87 77, .(0652) 602 477, 



Dean's Office

Faculty Academic Council

General Information

Now Biological Faculty of  TNU is the center of biological education and science in Crimea. 70 persons – among them 12 professors,14 doctors of sciences and 40 candidates of sciences – conduct educational, research and pedagogic work.
At 6 departments of the Faculty more than 1000 students of day-time and correspondence forms of training are taught. There are 4 problem laboratories (3 – at the Department of Human Physiology, 1 – at the Ecology Department); the specialized council accepting master's theses on specialities "Physiology of Humans and Animals" and "Biophysics" works; the Biotechnological center is opened. There is a Zoological museum at the Faculty – one of the best in Ukraine; a scientific herbarium collected by prominent botanists; entomologic funds, including tens thousand pieces of insects of Crimea; field practice stations in settlements of Krasnolesie. In 2007 the Center of Correction of Human Functional State was opened. Among the nominal grants founded for the best students of Taurida National University, two – of Academician V.I. Palladin and of Professor G.F. Morozov – are awarded to students-biologists for success in study and research work.

Graduates of the Faculty work in scientific, medical institutions of Crimea and the south of Ukraine, lecture in high schools, colleges, teach in elementary and secondary schools. A plenty of graduates of the Faculty work in our country, in Russia and other CIS countries, and also in the countries of the far abroad – the USA, Canada, Germany, Israel, Saudi Arabia, countries of Africa, South-Eastern Asia, Latin America. Their successful work is promoted by the high level of theoretical and practical preparation provided by the curriculum.